"Building a Better Buffalo" Brings me a Bobblehead


Building a Better Buffalo

I entered a photography contest at the Milwaukee Art Museum and won!
The contest was judged by MAM's associate curator, Lisa Hostetler. I basically sent her everything worthwhile I've done for the past few years, and she picked out Building a Better Buffalo as the top photo montage/collage piece!

For my efforts, I received a prize package consisting of one (1) Ted Simmons autographed Base Ball; one (1) Headshot of Ted Simmons, mid-guffaw; and one (1) 2007 Ted Simmons Collectible Bobble. I also won a door prize- two tickets to "the Rep," which basically made me feel like an asshole.

An asshole with a bobblehead.
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3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Ted Simmons was on the '82 world champion Brewers. Sell it on eBay and buy yourself some gratitude.

Rollin said...

Why, thank you, Masked Man!

Chandon said...

Wow, that's fucking awesome that you won! You should answer your phone sometime! Peace.