Commencement Speech.

May 19, 2008

So, folks: Looks like I've finally ended my stay at the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee.
Graduated with a Photography B.F.A., a Digital Arts and Culture Certificate, and Honors yesterday at 9 in the morning on three hours of sleep (having been to a live-mic attic party complete with a live chicken in a box the evening before). I think it's appropriate, at this point, to quote a great poet of the ages in celebration of this milestone:

"I don't free style I wear clothes that fit
I don't flip burgers I'm a college graduate
You can hardly handle it so go ask your analyst
I'm the catalyst that moistens the panties of management"

-M.C. Chris

I will soon be posting select photos from said graduation, along with some from my Thesis Show at the ArtBar, plus, as a bonus, some links and material that are actually interesting and relevant.

Cool Beans.

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