Status Check: Portfolios, Pirates, and Madd Propps

May 10, 2008

Haven't posted in a couple weeks, due mostly to the fact that I've been finishing up my Photography Portfolio series, The Uneventful Life of Arturio von Anglebanger.
I'm having the finished pieces printed up as Art-trading-cards (with slick designs and spiffy little story blurbs on the back) to be sold for cheap at my Photo Portfolio show (Friday, May 16th at the ArtBar). [Side note: the ArtBar is a nice little cafe/bar in Riverwest that makes up a tasty Bloody Mary. Worth a visit.] They'll also be projected in a fancy-pants manner; too bad the maximum resolution I could get them made into slides with was around a third of the images' actual size. But cool beans anyhow!

I shall be dressed as a luchadore. Come say "Hello!"

Also of note: I've received some official Props for my One Thousand Pardons series, in the form of a Frederick R. Layton BFA Award! Not sure how many beans that's worth yet, but hopefully it'll buy me some hard drives and Pirate cards. The award was presented to me at the UWM BFA show yesterday evening, and was definitely a surprise... I arrived at the gallery to see the back of a circle of people clapping.

Oh, and another thing: If you happen to play ForumWarz, that nifty browser-based Internet Simulation RPG, look me up sometime.

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