Powder Your Nose

July 27, 2008

Oh hello there.

I have been absent from the Internet! It is okay; I do not think the Internet missed me too much, and I think I needed a break.

Here is a Powder Game! One can create little Rube Goldberg-style machines with it, or simply dink around and see how different materials interact. Quite a compelling little simulated environment.

One of the best parts of this tool is that your creations are shareable- either through the built-in online community, or by copying and pasting strings of characters into the text field at the top and pressing "Set." Here are some creations of mine that you can access in just such a manner!

Red Versus Blue

Seven Angry Men

No Man Waits for Apocalypse

No One Can Stop Mr. Lava

An Unsettling Timer

So, yes. Copy and paste one of those (the entire text) and try 'em out. (You can move your li'l man around with the arrow keys, I believe.) And then make some of your own! And post them in the comments! Oh, sweet Internet. I missed you.

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