April 06, 2009

Look, I know. 

It's been a while. 

I've had a lot going on; post-collegiate angst and all that... I realize it's no excuse, and I'm going to pledge right here, right now to put an end to this terrible hiatus. I have a ton of artwork piling up for your viewing pleasure, which will be posted, bit by bit, over the next few months (or years). 
I'm also looking into overhauling the site entirely; maybe getting a new design and registering a domain name that doesn't take a minute and a half to type. 

I also realize that these efforts at apology just aren't enough. I have betrayed you,  my audience, and for that, there is really only one acceptable salve:


Aww yeah. Let's do this.
This is a child Dwarf Hamster. He is a desert rodent, and has no fear of the unknown.
Still photos do not describe accurately the awkwardness of its movement.
It is a creature mostly interested in lightly suckling your hand-skin and then cleaning itself and falling asleep.
Pretty sure this one is a male, so I can't keep it (to avoid inbreedin' of the most graphic variety).
Here is a shot with Freddie, the Birth-Mother. She is a Dwarven Battlehamster, and enjoys eating her babies. (Nom nom nom)
This and the shot above were taken the day before they opened their eyes (which happens to be today).
Now they are a part of the world.
Barely an adorable mouthful.
Here's the money shot. This much cuteness is almost assuredly Illegal.

So there you go, then.

Feel better? No?

...Maybe when I put up some art, eh?

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