In Other News,

November 16, 2009

I have a couple of shows going up soon! Real, art-type shows! Oh, man.

One of them is in Madison, at the Inferno (which I hear is a pretty fun place, though it may sound terrifying). I'll be displaying (and selling!) selections from my Uneventful Life of Arturio von Anglebanger and One Thousand Pardons series. The prints are canvas-stretched and look spiffy! Here are a couple more flyers from that:

The other showing is at the ArtBar in Milwaukee (which I know for sure is a pretty fun place) as part of their annual MiniShow, wherein local artists contribute a mass of small bits of art to sell for the holiday season. I'm sending in a fleet of handcrafted bobbleheads! They'll be up there sometime this week, and will only be about 15-20 bucks. Cheap! I'm going to have to get a bunch of documentation photos up sometime soon so you can be further enticed.

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