Put it on Yer Skin

January 16, 2010

Here are some tattoos I recently designed! I wanted them to be standardized and badge-like, so that I could get 'em in a row somewhere.
Now you can express your angst towards Wisconsin's soul-crushing winter climate with this classy tat!

"Society of Sensation"
Based on a fictional society that believes life is for the living, and maintains "experience libraries" wherein one can relive others' donated memories (plus gain some easy XP).

"Rainbow Poblamos 4 Life"
The markings of my personal, fictional gang, the Rainbow Poblamos. Their gang color is "rainbow!"

"Idea Machine (version 1)"
I am a machine that takes in nutrients and excretes ideas. You can be too!

"Idea Machine (version 2)"
I actually made this version before the other one. Not sure I like either of them all that much, but that is sometimes the way of things.

The logo for my board game/art/toy brand, Hamstar. Coming soon!

"Frosty Rig"
The (tentative) logo for my co-owned electronic game company. Also coming soon!

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