Inspiration Comes in Many Forms

July 15, 2010

It occurs to me that I haven't posted many links, or even much text, on this blog for the past... year? This is largely good- the value in the blog is it's use displaying my work and work-in-progress.

However, this is supposed to be a blog filled with things that inspire me as well,
and so here are some games:

Fend off critters in a tower defense / sidescrolling action hybrid.
Easy, but stylish, and incorporates some interesting play mechanics:
The player must "sleep" to refill a constantly- diminishing stamina bar, but enemies do not stop coming during this time. Forts can be bought to ignore the herd whilst resting, but must be upgraded into taller forts when taller enemies come by. Or something. You can put guns on them.

A short collection of themed minigames, playable in any order.
Recommended to old-school RPG veterans, who will enjoy its amusing mind-tricks based off of classic RPG tropes- some of which you didn't even realize were there.
Getting the "real ending" is a treat.

How about a resource-management game wherein you control a horde of cute bunnies?
You must feed them flowers, or they go to sleep. Cutely.

Find cute animals abhorrent? Maybe even all life? Perhaps you need to chill out and pretend to spread zombie plagues across the globe.
Not much strategy here, but the "cities" are still amusing to watch fall into zombified ruin.
Plus it's special units are guest stars along the lines of Zombie Santa and Zombie KFC Colonel.
(He summons undead chickens.)

A one-room puzzle platformer... except the one room is a castle that evolves whenever you reach one of the objectives (which are for you to figure out). Cleverly-designed, with charming graphics. Gag ending.

Not really a platformer, though the viewpoint and controls are somewhat similar... More of an expression of cubicle angst told in a Groundhog-Day-esque manner. Awesome music. Interesting, and carries a message without being too art-snobby. Short and sweet.

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