Sculpeybobbles Redux(!)

August 30, 2010

Love bobbleheads, but hate rampant commercialism? Now you can support an independent artist while supporting your wiggly addiction! Each Sculpeybobble comes with its own one-of-a-kind character sketch and is guaranteed to make you smile! (Offer void if you are a heartless bastard.)
Here we go:
The (remaining unsold) Sculpeybobble team.
Together at last!

Ghobo (Ghost + Hobo + MD20/20)

Robear (Robot + Bear + Hatred for Human Race)

Hamurai (Ham + Samurai)

Godzillant (complete with Torture-Me-Human doll)

Chumberjack (dolphins don't chop trees; they chop fishies)

Cthabin Boy (Cthulhu + Cabin Boy, complete with Surprised Fishing Vessel)

Capitalist Fish (with real Trembling-in-Fear-of-God action!)

Love Mummy (complete with everlasting, unconditional affection)

Check out my Etsy store to buy, or, if it is still under construction while you are reading this, feel free (nay, encouraged!) to contact me directly.

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