GRAB LEAFY APPENDAGE. SCROUNGE. Bracing yourself against the...

March 13, 2016

Bracing yourself against the pressure pounding in your lungs, you take hold of GREJORGIO THE MANY-LEAVED SQUASH’S one-hundred-percent organic TENDRIL and dive further into the silvery liquid.

You’re barely able to see at all, this far down in the mire, but your hoof scrapes something solid as you descend. You reach for it; it’s flat and leathery, and covered in some sort of runic script.

Your vision starts to go dark, and you tug on GREJORGIO’S APPENDAGE to alert him (it?), but are dismayed as you yank it free and it begins to dissolve in the dim depths.

Everything goes black as the SILVERY LIQUID fills your lungs and bladder.

You wake up in your office. You are Ron Tucker, Certified Public Accountomancer. An INTRIGUING LEATHERY BINDER sits upon your desk.
Your STEAM ABACUS chitters erratically.

Exits are North, South, East, West.

Suggested commands: Think, Remember, Investigate, Use, Take, Look, Go, etc.

Check current Status, Inventory, Abilities, XP leaderboard, et cetera at:

Suggest commands or vote on others’ to gain Ontok XP! Share or repost (with @rollinkunz) for extra XP! When Ontok levels up, a random top commentator wins a Steam game of some sort! This level, Chandon Vicarious won a copy of Sniper: Ghost Warrior!

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