>>PEE DOWN STAIRS. You let loose a torrent of SILVERY...

April 04, 2016

You let loose a torrent of SILVERY LIQUID, stored a dangerously long period of time in your amazing INCREDIBLADDER, and feel the toxins drain from your body and mind.

As a veritable silvery waterfall cascades down the STAIRCASE, you glance over at GREG’S hovering, be-tendrilled form.
No- NOT GREG, but GREJORGIO, your curious Curiomancer companion!
Thinking about the clues, you realize his true identity should have been rather obvious…

…And you! You are not RON TUCKER, mild-mannered Accountomancer! You are ONTOK THE MEATY, lauded BERZERKER-ACCOUNTANT!
Your BRIEFCASE, a BACKPACK! Your well-groomed moustache, deadly TUSKS! How had you forgotten? WHAT HAS THIS PLACE DONE TO YOU?!

GREJORGIO taps you on the shoulder with an INVISIBLE TENDRIL as you go through your inner monologue. He points to the nearby landing; the horrific, blood-soaked snout of the MIDDLE MANAGER slides through the door frame above.

Suggested commands: Run, Fight, Use [Inventory Item], Use [Special Ability], Jump, Say, Hide.

Check current Status, Inventory, Abilities, XP leaderboard, and SUBSCRIBE at: http://ift.tt/1XaZco2

Suggest commands or vote on others’ to gain Ontok XP! Share or repost (with @rollinkunz) for extra XP! When Ontok levels up, a random top commentator wins a Steam game of some sort!

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