To All Those Attempting to Fix a Disappearing Slider

April 15, 2016

Thought I'd post this here, as it would have saved me a few hours:

I'm using a Vee Themes Blogger template (KAMERA), and found a few days ago that my Featured Posts touch- slider and my top menu navigation bar(!!!) had both disappeared. I hadn't recently edited anything on the theme, so I was certainly perplexed.

After a few hours of frustration, I found this method, which makes little sense to me, but Worked:
Basically, you need to edit your template and change the types of the 'HTML' widgets to 'Gadget' and their names to 'Gadget1' and 'Gadget2,' etc. You can find them easily with the "Jump to widget" drop down menu. They should be named something like "HTML77" by default.

1000 points to the person that can tell me why this worked!


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