Quick Update

June 11, 2018

Hi everybody!

I've been really busy lately working on some tabletop game designs.
Hopefully some will come to light soon!

You might get an email from my new MailChimp list today or tomorrow - I set one up, finally!
You can subscribe here, if you like: https://www.rollinkunz.com/p/subscribe-by-email.html
I'm switching the RSS subscription thingy over to a mailing list, instead.
Mostly because it'll look nicer!
I'm planning on deactivating the RSS emails after it's up and running, so just let me know if you don't want that and I'll keep a light on for ya.

I also did a soft, shy li'l launch of my Patreon and Ko-Fi pages.
You can check those out, too! I'm just trying to get a solid foundation going so that I can focus on makin' games!

Thanks for listening!

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