Prepare for FRAGNAROK!


FRAGNAROK is a short-form tabletop role-playing game about Vikings encountering alien technology and dying gloriously!

One player will act as ODIN, the Game Master, placing hardships in front of the clan, describing the world and its inhabitants, and determining the results of contests.

The other players each control a VIKING HERO whose goal is to provide for their clan and die as glorious a death as possible, that their name might be sung in praise by their progeny!

FRAGNAROK is built to be easy to understand and quick to pick up and play, either as a single-session palette-cleanser between campaigns or as a longer campaign following a clan of warriors over many generations. 

It's also full of weird art, mechanics, and ideas. It can be played as a slapstick romp, a brutal, everybody-dies tale of vengeance, or something somewhere in between!

FRAGNAROK features:

  • A 17-page PDF manual chock-full of delicious, inky art by @ROLLINKUNZ
  • Easy to play as a one-shot or an expandable campaign!
  • Simple, unique mechanics centered around limb-loss, starvation, and battle-glory
  • Guest pages from amazing tabletop illustrators and creators: @BODIEH, @SKULLFUNGUS, @DARKWIZARD_BERZERKER, and @DIREQUEST
  • Makes death fun!


Or, if you prefer, you can get it from DriveThruRPG.


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