Goblins Never DIE

Wishlist Goblins Never DIE on Steam!

GOBLINS NEVER DIE is a roguelite horde-battler with simple controls, inspired by the likes of Vampire Survivors and Pikmin. It's a collaboration between myself (Art, Game design, VFX), Bawss Sawss (Sounds and Music), and Outside Realms (Programming)!

  • Conquer the ancient combat ritual of Gobogongo as you fuel the bonfire with the skulls of your foes!

  • Pick up the totem and inspire your goblin clan on the field of battle! Lead your warriors in a mighty charge - or bait your foes into ambush!

  • Draft new goblins into your clan as your victories mount, and assimilate their knowledge, skills, and behaviors into the clan!

  • Beware - enemy clans will recruit those you leave behind, making each battle more challenging!

  • Feed the bonfire with the bones of your enemies to please Zoog, God of Goblins, and keep the darkness at bay!

  • Enjoy beautifully hand-drawn art, hundreds of gobliny yells, and a finely crafted, fully original goblin-metal soundtrack!

  • Can you guide your clan to victory and earn the honor of wearing the Big Hat? Or will your goblins be consumed forever by the eternal night?

You can check out the (now a bit older) demo on Itch.io below:

Wishlist Goblins Never DIE on Steam!