ODD GOBS is a stand-alone tabletop RPG for 2+ players in which Goblins have to make ends meet in a cyberpunk dystopia by using the GigL app to find strange and dangerous gigs!

The physical version is printed on a double-sided folding pocket map, which you can get here: http://oddgobs.com/

Both the physical and digital versions include:

  • Rules for playing
  • A big, beautiful hex map of the CITY
  • A Plain-Text PDF of the rules for ease of use.

To play, you need:

  • A friend (or three)
  • Dice of any sort


  • Designed for quick pick-up and play
  • Random tables for goblins, gigs, encounters, and items
  • Easy hackability into other Cyberpunk-themed roleplaying games
  • The ever-present threat of the CHAOS TABLE


  • Compatibility for Cybermetal 2012 from World Champ Game Co.
    • Gobber OS
    • Jobber Hardware
    • GigL Hitlist
    • Gobber Software

  • Compatibility for Cy_Borg from Free League Games & Stockholm Kartell
    • New Class
    • Abilities
    • Background

Grab it here now!