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At the behest of your ANCESTRAL SPIRIT-ACCOUNTANT, you use your PHONOGRAPHIC MEMORY to peel back the veil of Time and reach deep into your Pool of Ancestral Recollection.

“The Folly of Sal-Shamon…” A faint impression of an Accountomancer of times long passed rises to the surface of your brain’s eye… A meandering practitioner, but well-meaning, and powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it was said he once expanded a simple Error of Transposition into a breach in the very fabric of Numberspace, inverting the position of his clan’s office-space with that of the Under-Sun (a daunting mistake, to be certain, but one that led to substantial real-estate asset gains).

Your mind snaps back to the present, as the MIDDLE MANAGER you desperately cling to pulls you over the edge of the STAIRCASE into the unending void below.

You’ll not do this again. Tugging your TOME OF ACCOUNTOMANTIC LORE out of your trusty BACKPACK, you begin to focus every once of numerical concentration you have upon the ever-shifting runes adorning its leathery shell, calling out with each brainwave for your SPIRIT-ACCOUNTANT to guide you.

Your vision shakes and burns white-hot.

Ontok the Meaty has reached Level 7! To celebrate, 3 random top commentators will win a Steam game key! They will be contacted presently!

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