>>USE BREAD ON SELL-SWORDS. In one fluid motion, you drop...

December 07, 2015


In one fluid motion, you drop all pastries but the heaviest, crustiest baguette. The first INSECTOID SELL-SWORD charges, and is brought down with a solid, crushing blow to the labrum.

Snatching up your fallen foe’s LONG-SCYTHE, you turn to another assailant, grunting as it catches you with a brutal slash to the chest. You rush forward and gore it through the mesothorax with your tusks, relishing the bitter bug-broth that sprays from the mortal wound.

A sharp pain in your back brings you out of your revelry, and you find a HIDE-KNIFE jutting out from between your shoulder-blades. Now unarmed, the third SELL-SWORD backs away, while the fourth is even more distant, motioning frantically towards the crowd.

Your left arm pulses more rapidly. You are bleeding from several wounds.


Suggested commands: Run, Stash, Think, Dress, Surrender, Fight, Eat.

Check Inventory and Status Here: http://ift.tt/1lAKCc6

Suggest commands and/or vote on others’ to gain Ontok XP! When Ontok levels up, a top commentator wins a Steam game of some sort!

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