Goblins Never DIE: A video game about several goblins dying quite easily, actually

July 20, 2023


For a few months now, I've been teaming up with Bawss Sawss (my bro, who is kind enough to lend his video editing skills to my Kickstarter campaign videos and our YouTube channel, 2 Headed Hero) and Outside Realms (his buddy Bjorn; great guy, great programmer) to make Goblins Never DIE!

It's inspired by games like Vampire Survivors (dodge around and survive against waves of many enemies, but with simple one-handed controls) and Pikmin (lead a group of lil guys that have their own little personalities and desires), and if all goes well, it'll be the first full video-game design that I'll have published! 

You can follow along as we (as often as we can) update the demo on Itch.io: https://outsiderealm.itch.io/goblins-never-die

Or you can just go ahead and 

Wishlist Goblins Never DIE on Steam!

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