GenCon 2015: Instagram Initiated

I went on a trip to GenCon this year! I brought Heavenly Immortal Monkey King with me! I got to give copies to some publishers, plus James Ernest and Wil Wheaton! I put it all up on my new Instagram! SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.



Wacom Test: Creepy Turtle-Crow Dudefella

Plugged in and tested out a Wacom tablet that had been gathering dust in the corner. Did this quickie sketch while trying it out. I'm in luuuurve.


The Crown of the Multiverse Awaits

Working on packaging and art for Heavenly Immortal Monkey King, the first in a line of dirt-cheap scroungeable games! Trying to get everything up and running so I can bring a few copies to GenCon later this year. Wish me luck! 

Here are the front and back covers, thus far:


The Inter-Net; It Must be Maintained

Did some much-needed website maintenance and clean-up today. I've kind of been using this as just a place to post new art (and the occasional game preview and the like) lately, and... not sure how I feel about that. I have a portfolio site for professionalism, I have a shop for consumerism, I have a facebook art page and a twitter and such for socialization... so what is this website for?

Guess I need to refine it a bit and get back to doing something useful with it. I'll try to start posting more useless crap here, I guess? Is that a good idea?

The maintenance! I removed some buttons that weren't helpful, removed some widgets and links that had overstayed their welcome, touched up the interface, and made the gallery load better (finally, ugh). It's still not great, but I think I've put enough work into what seems to be the least-visited part of my online presence. Eh.


Let's Create Something Magical, Part 2: The Mindfuckening

Soon, you, too, will be able to color these colors. Let's Create Something Magical is a coloring book slash compilation album, and it is primed to make you question reality later this year.

I will keep you posted.